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Current Conditions

RTMA Currents

Current temperature, dewpoint, and windspeed observations across Pennsylvania, underlayed with RTMA gridded data. From the PA Climate Office.

WxWorld Currents

Current conditions dashboard created using Weather World graphics.

Surface Maps

Under Development

Current and archived surface maps, with station model plots and fronts.

Forecast Guidance

6-Panel Global Models

NEW Under Development

Fully customizable 6-panel display, currently featuring ECMWF/AIFS, GFS, and GDPS models.

NBM Viewer

Under Development

Interactive 6-panel display for viewing NBM data.

Global Model Viewer

Interactive 12-panel display, currently featuring ECMWF/AIFS, GFS, and GDPS models.

Four-Panel Model Maps

Four-panel display for the ECMWF and GFS models.

RAP Nowcast

Short range forecast from the RAP model, plus MRMS radar and surface observations.

LR Forecast Maps

Originally created to serve the forecasters of Weather World, this medium to long-range focused dashboard displays data from the EPS and GEFS ensembles. PA-focused.

Past Weather

Daily Summary Maps

Daily maps of observed max temperature, min temperature, and precipitation from Pennsylvania observing sites. From the PA Climate Office.

NOHRSC Snowfall

Daily snowfall analysis products from NOHRSC. Archived images since February 18, 2024.

Anomaly Loop

Archived day 0 height and 2m temperature anomaly maps from the EPS Ensemble, valid for the North America domain. Data available since February 8, 2024